Google Maps Lead Scraper - The all-in-one solution

Today, Google Maps is a real asset to consider when optimizing and personalizing your sales prospecting. Together we'll discover how to scrape qualified leads from Google Maps, then manage and contact them.

Introduction: The benefits of Google maps for scrambling leads

Google maps makes it easy to :

  1. Search for leads in a given geographical area, both nationally and internationally
  2. Use Google Maps advanced search, using keywords related to expected leads or filtering by industry to obtain relevant results related to your core target.
  3. Identify booming neighborhoods where companies are setting up shop, and be the first to contact them.
  4. Collect practical information to facilitate contact with your leads, such as opening hours, contact details, website, telephone number and customer reviews on their page.

Now that you're familiar with the usefulness of Google Maps for your sales prospecting, let's discover together how to scrape qualified leads via this channel and then manage your prospecting with each of these contacts thanks to ClarkUp's all-in-one prospecting solution.

Open a new tab to go to

In the Google Maps search bar, indicate the type of lead/business you're looking for and the desired location. In our example, we'll consider that our core target is: Hotels located in Marseille.
You'll then get this page containing these results:

Step 3: The ClarkUp extension: Google Maps scraping

Now it's time to open ClarkUp. To do this, make sure you've downloaded the application beforehand. The download link is available in your ClarkUp member area.

To open the extension, simply click on the puzzle icon in the top bar of your browser and choose ClarkUp. The extension will automatically open on the tab dedicated to Google Maps. Click on "Import Google Maps Profiles" to start scraping.

Step 4: Exporting and scraping leads on Google Maps

The ClarkUp extension scan found 119 results for the targeted search: Hotel Marseille. Now it's time for you to click on the black "Export Profiles" button on the ClarkUp extension.

Step 5: Import Google Maps leads into your ClarkUp member space

The results of your search appear in detail, allowing you to select the hotels you wish to import into ClarkUp. You'll also see the following information for each hotel:

  • The name - Ideal for personalizing future e-mails
  • Postal address - Perfect if you want to send them a flyer or request by post.
  • Website - To find the e-mail address you need to start prospecting or to contact the lead using the contact form.
  • The telephone number - To talk to the lead in person

All you have to do is click on the black "Copy to clipboard" button to import your selection into your ClarkUp member space.

Step 6: Example of a Google Maps pipeline in your ClarkUp member area

Here's an example of a pipeline in which I've added the leads mentioned below (this pipeline can be customized to suit your prospecting needs):

On each lead page, you'll find the link to the Google Maps page, symbolized by the map icon that takes you to the contact's page.

You'll also be able to add comments, documents, reminders messages, message templates for each stage in your pipeline, and color-code your follow-up.

Step 7: .csv export of your Google Maps lead scrape

Finally, with ClarkUp, you can also extract these leads as .csv files for import into your marketing tools, for example.

You'll get this result:

Step 8: Here's a video on how to find customers with Google Maps

This will enable you to become an expert on the subject and find examples of prospecting messages you can send to your leads via this channel.

Conclusion: How to scrape leads from Google Maps and convert them into customers

Exporting leads to Google Maps is a highly relevant, interesting and powerful feature for your business when used properly. Depending on your target search and the use you make of this scraping, it will enable you to prospect in a targeted, efficient way, automating time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on what's most important: growing your business. ClarkUp is an all-in-one solution that lets you retrieve the leads you want from Google Maps, then follow up your prospecting with each of them. With ClarkUp, you can also use personalized videos, which are very effective for prospecting.

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